On the Road Munich 2020 // IETM / Meta Theater

Which road are the independent performing arts taking at the moment? Traditionally, it has rarely been a broad and comfy one, but these days, in 2020, there are some extra large rocks lining the path. The pandemic has clearly shown how vulnerable the independent performing arts sector is, and transnational cooperations have become even more difficult or impossible. Concerted action and strategic team spirit are more needed than ever. How do the independent performing arts deal with the current challenges? How do we want to shape Europe, work with sustainability in mind and fulfill the social task during the pandemic?

Team On The Road Munich: Axel Tangerding (management), Dr. Gabi Sabo (programme development/ moderator),Gaston Florin/Jacqueline (moderator/performer), Elsa Büsing(organisation/chat host), Helen Varley (chat host), MarianneKlausen (chat host), Leonard Bölingen (IT), Markus Ludewig (IT)